Ectosules Plus

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Against Ticks and Flies for immersion baths or aspersion in bovine.


  • Cipermetrine10 g
  • Ethion40 g
  • Excipients q.s. ad.100 ml

Against Ticks and Flies for immersion baths or aspersion in bovine.

Immersion and return aspersion: Immersion baths: Foot of bath: 1.0 lt. Ectosules plus baño every 1000 litres of water equivalent to 100 ppm of Cipermetrine and 400 ppm of Ethion. Refill: 1.5 lt. of product every 1000 lt. of water to refill. (must be done every time the initial volume decreases 10%) Dry reinforcement: 0.5 lt. Of product every time the volume of water in the bath decreases 1000 litres. Aspersion with no return: 1 lt. of product every 1000 lt. of water. For the adequate use of the product prepare an emulsion in three times the amount of water in relation to the amount of product. In order to prepare the emulsion easily, pour the product slowly while stirring vigorously. Once ready, pour the solution into the bath, stirring constantly.

Immersion Baths

There are no incompatibilities with the prescribed doses. Toxic product, must be handled with care.
Avoid inhaling and direct contact with skin, it is recommendable to wear gloves during use. Do not smoke or eat while using. After use, wash hands and any other exposed parts with soap and water as well as all instruments used to prepare the preemulsion. In case of accidental contact, wash skin with soap and water. If eyes are affected, wash with plenty of water. Do not reuse the empty containers, destroy them adequately either by burning them in safe places or burying them far from lakes or other water courses. ANTIDOTE FOR ETHION (ORGANOPHOSPHORATED): ATROPINE SULPHATE.

Meat: 15 days. Milk: 48 hours.

Do not bathe thirsty or tired animals. Avoid very hot hours. Immersion time should not be less than 1 minute and the head should be immersed at least twice. In case of rain in the 24 hours following the bath, treatment should be repeated.


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