Pennington 29-0-5 Lawn Fertilizer

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Quick Overview

Pennington lawn food is a general purpose lawn food fertilizer with extra iron for deep greening of your lawn. This is a high analysis fertilizer containing slow release nitrogen to give your lawn a vigorous green color. This fertilizer is safe for your lawn and will not burn it when used as directed. This lawn food is long-lasting and gradually feeds your lawn for up to 4 months. With a high nitrogen content, Pennington lawn food fertilizer lasts a lot longer than conventional fertilizers.

Pennington Signature Series 29-0-5 Lawn Fertilizer

  • Feeds up to 4 months
  • 29-0-5
  • A fertilizer that feed any type of grass
  • Provides quick greening and continuous feeding
  • Contains iron for deep greening
  • 46 lbs. covers 15,000 sq. ft.


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