Wopromectin 1.8% EC

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  • Can provide more effect, longer control of all varieties of Spidernites, Rust mite, Leafminer, at all stages.
  • Used on a wide range of agricultural crops such as Tomatoes, Cucumber, Eggplants, Strawberries Citrus and Ornamental.


  • Do not spray the crop more than 5 times during one season.
  • Results of control appears after 3-5 days of spraying. However, effect of the product appear immediately after spraying.
  • Quantity of the solution must not exceed 110 ml/ ha for vegetables and ornamentals.

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CROP PESTS Application Rate Per
20 LT Water
Safety Period
Tomatoes Leafminers, pinworms, Red
spidermites, Rust mites
5-7ml 3-7 days
Leafminers, Red spidermite 5-7ml 3 days
10 days
Strawberries Two spotted spidermite,
Cyclamen mite, Red
5-7ml 7days
Citrus Red spidermites,
Leaf miners.
10 ml 7 days
Cotton Red spidermites 8 ml 20 days
Ornamentals Leafminers, Red spidermites 5-7ml 21 days


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